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Great Minds behind the latest technologies, delivered to you in the most efficient way, saving you and your business time, and expenditure

The best technology, minimum effort and cost

At Digitalrobot, we pride ourselves on delivering the best technological solutions for business in the most efficient way.

Automation and CaaS (Code As A Service) for your business

Utilise hybrid, ultra modern ways of making your business maximise efficiency and resiliency using our own CaaS solutions

Tailored Solutions to Grow with your business

Fit For Purpose – Tailored, scalable solutions to allow your technology to be in a place to grow with your business

Digitalrobot IT Services

Primarily Based in the South West of England, we cover areas all over the South, Southwest, Midlands and Wales

Our Skills Can Transform your business and propel you into the future on the right footing


A few things we’re great at

We Specilalise in Microsoft Technologies, Everything from Apps to Servers, down to Client Computing

PowerShell Code Delivered as a service (CaaS)

We run coded solutions, to optimise what your tech is doing, cutting down on manpower  

Fully Managed Solutions

We can give you great tech, and tech that’s hands off, it just works. We have a lot of power to control it using the latest remote technologies. 

Virtualisation Technology Specialists

We get why Virtualisation is such an amazing piece of Tech, that’s why we may even fit some for you. Virtualisation is a game changer. 

Hardware Optimised Projects

Too Many Companies overspend! We can save you money by making sure you only buy enough hardware that you need to accomplish your tasks, but with a degree of elasticity so that you can scale up if needed!


The Secret of Success

Optimise your business by process mapping what you do and automating what you can. Bring in redundancy and high availability. Gain control of your business technology with us. 

Microsoft Technology

We know where Microsoft are best, and how their Tech is best utilised in your business.

Apple Technology

Apple Based Environments really get creative arts based businesses going. We rate Apple too and specialise in Apple Environment Implementations

HP Hardware

We love HP Hardware, from Networking to Servers. We run awesome software on it and rate it highly

Firwall and Security Technology – Sophos

We believe Sophos Provide some of the best hardware and software available, that’s why we recommend and install their products. 


With Technology spreading like wildfire and being at the core of every part of our business and our clients businesses, more and more focus is directed to steering us and you, on the right path for the future.

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